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Our Products

Automated Blood Pressure Monitors & Health Stations

Lifeclinic manufactures and markets fully-automated blood pressure monitors, health stations and wellness resources for use in a variety of public settings, including clinics and worksites. Our services provide the tools that enable individuals to take an active role in enhancing their health and managing their medical conditions while helping to curtail the costs of healthcare.

Additional Biometric Measurements

We offer a unit to meet your specific needs. Whether you require simple blood pressure/heart rate monitoring or more biometric measurements including weight, body fat, or blood oxygen, we make a unit for you. All our models are fully-automated and easy to use.

Commercial-Grade Blood Pressure Machines

Much more robust, accurate and feature-driven than home-use blood pressure machines, our commercial blood pressure monitors have a full range of features and settings to meet the demands of retail, corporate, healthcare and public wellness environments. If you'd like more information about our blood pressure and biometric monitoring kiosks please contact us.

Lifeclinic is the world's leading supplier of commercial automated blood pressure monitors, health stations and personal health management. In addition to our line of biometric monitors, blood pressure machines and health stations, Lifeclinic.com also provides expert tips and resources for managing high blood pressure, blood cholesterol levels, diabetes, as well as general fitness and nutrition information.