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Experts' Advice to Parents of Teenagers with Diabetes

  • Be supportive, not authoritative. Acknowledge that your teenager didn’t choose to have diabetes, but point out that millions of people deal with it successfully every day -- and so can he/she.

  • Encourage your child’s gradual and progressive involvement in self-care, guided by his/her maturity, skills, readiness and interests.

  • Encourage and support - don't lecture or nag.

  • Be sensitive to your teenager's needs - both as a teenager and as a person with diabetes.

  • Communicate openly and honestly.

  • Be consistent yet flexible.

  • Be patient and calm. Don't let your own feelings of frustration spill out onto your child. Join a support group or get professional help if you're having trouble coping.


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As the world’s top supplier of commercial blood pressure monitors and health management systems, Lifeclinic is committed to helping to improve the health and wellbeing of individuals across the globe. Active monitoring of blood pressure, heart rate, weight, body fat, body mass index (BMI) and blood oxygen levels when combined with proper diet, nutrition and physical fitness can help ensure a longer, more healthy lifestyle.

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