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Diabetes & Pregnancy:  Preconception planning | Pregnancy in diabetes | Gestational Diabetes

Diabetes and Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very special time in any woman's life. It is a time of great joy but also of anxiety and questions such as: How will I cope with the pregnancy? With labor and delivery? Will my baby be OK? These questions may be even more troublesome for women with diabetes.

Until fairly recently, pregnancy was risky for women with diabetes. Fortunately, today with good medical care and rigorous self-management, most women with diabetes have a successful pregnancy and a healthy baby - provided that they pay close attention to glucose levels and work hard to keep them as close to normal as possible.

On this site we will cover three aspects of diabetes and pregnancy:

  • The woman with diabetes who wants to get pregnant -- what you can do to help prepare your body for a healthy pregnancy
  • The woman with diabetes who is pregnant -- what you can do to help make your pregnancy smooth and your baby healthy
  • The woman who develops diabetes while pregnant, called gestational diabetes -- how to best manage your diabetes and your pregnancy

Diabetes & Pregnancy -  At a Glance

For the woman with diabetes

Preconception Planning                 Is your body ready?
Aim for near-normal glucose levels
Pregnancy in diabetes Important steps to a smooth pregnancy
Weight gain
Impact on baby
Labor and delivery
Glucose control during labor and delivery
For the woman who develops diabetes while pregnant
Gestational diabetes What is gestational diabetes?
Important steps to a smooth pregnancy


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