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Chart Your Course to Good Health

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By saving your biometric readings over a period of time, you will have a much better idea of trends in your own personal health.

Use the Sentry Health Monitors Personal Heath record to manage blood pressure, blood glucose, weight, height, body fat, blood oxygen and steps per day.

At your request, your biometric health information can be transferred to your personal Microsoft® HealthVault™ account.

Microsoft and HealthVault are trademarks for the Microsoft group of companies.

Personal Health Management

For more than 30 years, pharmacies, employers, medical clinics, health clubs and others have provided our self-testing blood pressure monitors as a valuable free service. Today, our monitors are widely embraced with more than 30,000 of them in pharmacies and more than 5,000 in other locations throughout the world. They are used more than 500 million times a year.

Better Health Through Awareness

The increase in chronic health problems in America has fueled the need for enhanced technology that not only measures and monitors a greater number of biometric data, but also provides meaningful information to help individuals and healthcare providers evaluate the success of their healthcare initiatives. That technology is now available with the new Sentry Health Monitor LC500 Health Station. In addition to our unique, self-testing technology, our new Web-enabled health station provides healthcare professionals with data-tracking and management tools to enhance program effectiveness. Sentry Health Monitors blood pressure monitors, health stations and personal health management make it easy for individuals to take an active role in their healthcare while also enabling corporate management to reduce costs and improve the health and productivity of their employees.

Blood Pressure Monitors

Our blood pressure monitors, LC300, LC400 and LC435, are easy to use units that deliver accurate blood pressure and pulse measurements. Users start the test by simply pushing one button and results are displayed via clear LED panels in addition to a blood pressure classification chart on the front panel. Our monitors and health stations meet accuracy standards recognized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration which periodically inspects our manufacturing facility.

Health Stations

Our health station, LC500, is capable of measuring blood pressure, pulse rate, weight, body mass index, body composition, and blood oxygen as well as downloading readings from glucose meters, pedometers and other devices. This unit has an interactive touch screen interface along with Internet capabilities that allow users to save and view readings at SentryHealthMonitor.com and transfer individual readings to wellness/disease management databases.

Lifeclinic is the world's leading supplier of commercial automated blood pressure monitors, health stations and personal health management. In addition to our line of biometric monitors, blood pressure machines and health stations, Lifeclinic.com also provides expert tips and resources for managing high blood pressure, blood cholesterol levels, diabetes, as well as general fitness and nutrition information.